Reusable bags, the new “must have” !

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Reusable bags


Waste recycling, reusable bags regulations, political movements, petitions, protest marches for the environment, driving electric cars or buying eco-friendly bulbs tend to change our habits, our behavior. In fact it is about supporting the sustainable development everyday. It becomes a more and more famous subject for the press, the companies and different kind of organisations.

Indeed, how can we avoid even ignore changes in the behavior of populations and the multiplication of these “ecological” movements? To cope with the current environmental context, ecology appears as a major leverage of action to take into account. However, for some people, ecology sometimes tends to obsession, which sometimes arouses contempt for others. Lifestyles change from day to day, giving way to new habits that become trends or examples that a growing number of people seek to follow the move.
Have you ever heard about the new “zero waste” trend ? It is a new habit that has already taken place in several people’s way of life, in France especially. As the vegan trend, it is a new life style that has changed many people’s daily life. Are you the next one ?

This is a new slogan that has already convinced those who care about their ecological footprint. Each year, several hundred kilograms of waste are generated per person … these statistics alert and individuals are more and more seeking to reduce their waste by limiting their consumption of disposable products such as disposable tableware or disposable plastic bags. This is a rather difficult goal to achieve but it is a way to control its consumption by adopting new habits. For example, we can buy solid soap or take a gourd with water to avoid the use of disposable plastic bottles.

As part of the “zero waste” trend, the alternative about the use of reusable bags appears as a “must have”. These reusable bags can be plastic bags like woven polypropylene bags or nonwoven polypropylene bags, rPET (recycled plastic bottles) and also polyester bags. Among these reusable bags there are also the cotton bag known as the “tote bag”. It has already attracted a large number of individuals and mainly women. Indeed, these reusable bags are now part of the fashion accessories. It has become a companion of many people and they can no longer go shopping or go to the beach without their coton bag. The tote bag follows you everywhere! These reusable bags  made with cotton are very resistant, washable and also customizable. It is a detail that has not escaped the traders… With the ability to print logos, photos, slogans and also different kind of words and phrases, shopkeeper can ensure their promotion. They can also  convey an image, an idea, a style. In the street, public transport, supermarkets, shops, or in the office you can see lots of different “totes bags” used as shopping bags or handbag and you will notice that all are different! These natural or not cotton bags can be personalized without limit to fit your style and become a faithful and daily companion. Resistant, efficient, aesthetic but also ecological these reusable cotton bags are the must-have today. So, let me ask you a question: where is yours ?

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