rPET Shopping Bags | Sacs de courses recyclés PET ou rPET

rPET Shopping Bags

rPET bags are one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to replace HDPE bags and more general disposable plastic bags. In fact, they come from recycled disposable plastic bottles.

Following the new sustainability regulations, these bags are durable and reusable. Moreover, they make an excellent print medium that lends itself to high-definition designs and graphics. In addition, they also have a good loading and resistance capacity.

These plastic bags will represent a high-quality and durable marketing asset for every company and satisfy all customers. They can be personalized with various designs to suit any needs.

Do you have any specific demands for your rPET bags? Direct Imex is able to create the rPET bags you are looking for. We have many possible options to allow you to display your company’s identity and communicate your message with your rPET bags. Whatever the size, the type of bag you want, or the prints, you choose and we handle everything else for you!

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What is rPET or recycled PET?

The polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as “PET,” is an economical material that is 100% recyclable without loss of attribute.

This material is mainly produced from recycled plastic. So to be labeled as “rPET”, it must be composed of 80% of recycled material, mostly from plastic bottles. Therefore, it gives a second life to single-use plastic!

In order to make it stronger, you can laminate the fabric with an additional BOPP film, giving it higher tensile strength, further water-resistant characteristics. The rPET, therefore, is as resistant and useful as polypropylene. In fact, the solidity and durability of rPET make our products eco-friendly, high-quality, and cost-effective.


  • Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET)


  • Shopping bag
  • Advertising bag
  • rPET tote bag


  • Printing: all colors are available
  • Handle: simple or double
  • Thickness: minimum 120 GSM
  • Logo: CMYK printing


  • Zipper
  • Hook-and-loop fastener
  • Push button
  • Type of handle

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50.000 bags
  • Delivery time: +/- 1 month
rPET vittel bag | sac vittel rPET
rPET kubota bag | Sacs en rPET kubota
lifetyle garden black bag rPET | Sacs en rPET lifetyle garden
rounded rPET bag | Sacs en rPET arrondi
rPET texas state aquarium bag | sac rPET texas state aquarium | Sacs en rPET
folded rPET bag with snap button | Sacs en rPET plie a bouton pression
red white rpet bag | sac en repet blanc rouge