Reusable polyester bags | Sacs en polyester réutilisables

Reusable polyester bags

Polyester bags are renowned for their flexibility and elegant appearance.

A versatile choice from simple-design shopping bags to bags for promotional purposes, these reusable bags benefit from being waterproof, light, washable, and resistant.

Polyester bags are durable yet very practical because they are foldable, allowing them to be taken everywhere, without the clutter. Their great flexibility allows them to be easily stowed in pockets or a handbag, making them the perfect easily transportable shopping tote.

Ultimately, the long-lasting material and structure of these customizable polyester bags make them a great multi-purpose, eco-friendly, and low-cost choice for a trendy bag!

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What Is Polyester?

Polyester is a plastic produced entirely from petroleum or natural gas. Today it represents around 70% of synthetic fibers used in this sector. It has become indispensable to the textile industry.

In addition, using little water and temperature, the production of the polyester bag has a low environmental impact. This recyclable bag can be reused many times and also withstand a heavy load.

Because polyester is so versatile it allows us to create solid bags of any type.


  • Polyester


  • Polyester handbag
  • Foldable and washable bag
  • Waterproof polyester bag


  • Printing: all colors are available
  • Handle: simple or double
  • Thickness: 190, 210, 600 denier
  • Logo: CMYK printing


  • Bags closures
  • Zipper
  • Hook-and-loop fastener
  • Push button

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10.000 pcs
  • Delivery time: +/- 1 month
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recycled polyester black bag | sac polyester black recycle
recycled polyester blue foldable bag | sac polyester bleu recycle pliable
recycled polyester pink bag | sac polyester rose recycle
recycled rectangular polyester Lavoir bag | sac polyester Lavoir rectangulaire recycle
recycled polyester Aprium bag | sac polyester Aprium recycle
polyester bag blue | sac en polyester bleu