Reusable Cotton & Customizable Canvas Bags | Sacs en coton réutilisables et en toile personnalisables

Cotton and Canvas Bags

Cotton and canvas bags can be reused hundreds of times, can be machine washed in cold water, and above all, are very resilient. Handy for holding shopping or various belongings, these cotton bags are a favored companion for trips of all kinds.

Under the new EU regulations against single-use plastic bags, cotton bags are presently one of the best alternatives.

The cotton “tote bag” is loved by many and since the 1980s users have found that they can take their bags with them everywhere. Their many qualities make them one of the most versatile items in their closet overall and a trend that is not about to stop!

The cotton canvas bag is a formidable communication tool as it allows businesses to pass on messages about image, brand and products. In conclusion, it is an essential promotional and advertising accessory helping to retain and acquire new customers or employees.

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Cotton 100% and Canvas

Cotton is a natural vegetable fiber mainly used in clothing. Its quality will depend on the length of the filaments, the longer they are, the better the quality of the cotton.

The main characteristics of cotton are its absorptive capacity, its comfortable texture, and its aesthetic element.

Merge these factors with a reusable bag and you end up with an in-demand, trendy product that’s ecological and highly customizable.

What Is Canvas?

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric and is known for its durability and sturdiness. It has been used for centuries in the sailing and art industries, among others.

Originally made from cannabis or hemp fibers, we now find it more commonly composed of cotton, and on rarer occasions of linen.
At the present time, cotton 100% is made from unbleached cotton, while canvas is typically made of cotton fabric and poly fabric under ¾ ratio.

When the cotton is blended with synthetic fibers, canvas can increase its resistance to water.

Canvas is trendy nowadays thanks to its versatility: it is as perfectly adequate for screen printing as cotton 100% bags. Also, it’s inexpensive and practical.


  • Cotton


  • Custom cotton bag
  • Bulk bag
  • Tote bag for shopping


  • Printing: all colors are available
  • Handle: simple or double
  • Thickness: minimum 100 GSM
  • Logo: CMYK printing


  • Zipper
  • Hook-and-loop fastener
  • Push button
  • Type of handle

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5.000 bags
  • Delivery time: +/- 1 month
cute illustration no plastic message cotton canvas bag with double handle | sac coton canevas a anse double avec illustration mignonne et message no plastic
heart logo cotton canvas bag with double handle | sac coton canevas a anse double et motif coeur
church tree horse printed cotton canvas bag with double handle | sac coton canevas a anse double avec illustration eglise arbre cheval
yola blue logo cotton canvas bagpack | sac a dos coton canevas avec logo Yola
cotton white bag with dog cartoon image | sac en coton blanc avec image de dessin animé de chien
panda brown cotton bag | sac en coton marron panda
we young text red blue white cotton bag | nous young text sac en coton rouge bleu blanc