Recycled Polyethylene LDPE & HDPE Bags | Sacs LDPE HDPE polyethylene recycle

Recycled PE Bags (LDPE & HDPE)

Recycled PE bags are renowned for their great strength, clarity, and versatility. These clear packing bags help protect your products whilst having a lower environmental impact.

Bags manufactured with recycled LDPE also provide the following benefits: high-quality packaging at a low cost, quick lead times in manufacturing, a variety of printing options, approved for FDA & USDA use, excellent moisture protection and flexibility in size, colors and style.

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What Is Recycled Polyethylene?

Currently, the most common types of polyethylene are LDPE and HDPE, which stand for ‘Low-Density Polyethylene’ and ‘High-Density Polyethylene.’

With respect to physical properties, LDPE is softer and more flexible than HDPE. LDPE is more translucent and more susceptible to shatter under stress because of its lower melting point. Meanwhile, HDPE is more durable, robust, and more chemically resistant.

Regarding recyclability, both LDPE and HDPE are recyclable. However, LDPE is more difficult to recycle because of its softer nature, while HDPE provides a more straightforward recycling process. Polyethylene is the material used for over half of all plastic films today, and LDPE is the source of most poly bags.

LDPE and HDPE have markedly different material properties, and so naturally are used in different manufacturing processes. Manufacturers decide what functionality they want in a product, and use whichever type of polyethylene they feel best suits their needs.

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) is a stronger version of LDPE that’s not as easy to produce. It’s often combined with other components to make it even stronger and more flexible.

LDPE and LLDPE polythene are easily recyclable. Once recycled, they can be made into a myriad of everyday items, including agricultural/construction films and rubbish bags.


  • Recycled PE or virgin 100%


  • Cashiers’ reusable bags
  • Shopping bags for markets
  • Bags for butchery, fishery


  • Bag handles: simple or double
  • Thickness: 100gsm minimum
  • Logo: CYMK


  • Bag thickness
  • Fabric’s color
  • Color printing
  • Bag shape
  • PE bag composition

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1.000 pcs
  • Delivery time : +/- 1 month
BAO logo recycled PE bag | sac PE recycle avec BAO logo
abstrack logo PE bag white | sac PE recycle blanc avec logo Abstrack
direct imex white PE bag with red handle | sac PE recycle blanc a anses rouges direct imex
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2 transparent recycled PE bag rolls | 2 rouleaux sacs PE recycle transparents
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