Biobased biosourced bioplastic Bags | Sacs biosourcés sacs en bioplastique | Sacs biosourcés

Biosourced Bags: An Alternative to Plastic

Direct Imex is committed to the fight against plastic by offering biosourced bags that are more respectful of the environment. Faced with global warming, governments are implementing laws to gradually ban single-use plastic bags with the aim of replacing them with bio-based and compostable bags.

The use of plastic bags is dangerous for the environment which is causing changing consumption habits. While people tend to adopt so-called ecological habits, plastic pollution is a real burden for our planet.

Just as resistant as old plastic bags, these more eco-friendly bags will support users on a daily basis, ideally for food shopping and groceries!

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biosourced, Bio-Based or Bioplastic bags

Some eco-bags given at checkouts might be certified organic sourced but that does not always mean biodegradable and 100% natural.

Direct Imex make biosourced bags that are composed of 30% tapioca starch (equivalent to corn) and 8% complementary natural agents (degradable polymer). 

The bio-based bags supplied by our partners are tested and certified in accordance with standards: ISO 14855-2 and EN-13432.

Based on European standards, biodegradation is considered complete when it reaches the 90% threshold. There is therefore a 10% residue margin compared to the mass of the bag which is tolerated.


More concretely, over a period of 60 to 90 days, the decomposition should be at least 60% and ideally 90%. In addition, European standards establish that any bag whose disintegration does not affect the quality of the compost is considered compostable.

This measurement is taken seriously and is subject to controls by measurements of density, solids content, salts, PH, or even in the presence of nitrogen. Thanks to our direct and close relationships with our suppliers, we can ensure compliance with these standards and perform quality controls.

In addition, these environmentally friendly bags are accepted in many countries thanks to their high percentage of starch.

Do you have a very specific request for your bio-based bag? Do not hesitate to let us know, we can make tailor-made bags of your choice. We specialize in all possible sizes of t-shirt bags, cut-out handle bags and bags without handles that can be used as trash bags.


  • Tapioca starch, degradable polymer


  • Trash bag
  • Shopping bag
  • Fuit and vegetable packaging bag


  • Printing : all colors are available
  • Thickness : from 15 to 70 microns
  • Handles : simple or double 
  • Logo: CMYK printing 


  • T-shirt handles
  • Die cut handles
  • Customized bag
  • International certification
  • European certification

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 3,000 kg
  • Delivery time: +/- 1 month
biosourced bag rolls with boxes | rouleaux sac biosource avec boites | Sacs biosourcés
biosourced bag folded | Sacs biosourcés plie
multi colored bio sourced bags | Sacs biosourcés multicolores
bio bag rolls green | sac bio roule vert
biosourced green bag | sac vert biosourcé
biosourced bags pink and white | sacs biosourcés rose et blanc