kraft bagasse wooden tableware Eco-friendly & Compostable Tableware | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable

Compostable Food Tableware and Packaging

Compostable food tableware and packaging provide a disposable yet eco-conscious alternative to foam or paper products. Direct Imex offers a range of eco-tableware that’s either reusable or single-use. First, we provide food-safe catering disposables to package and deliver hot and cold food & drink.

Second, we are proud to support and help caterers meet their sustainability goals by using a variety of renewable and plant-based materials to manufacture our product range. 

Third, Direct Imex’s range of disposable packaging is also compostable in commercial facilities, where accepted.

In addition, our tableware is also customizable. Once personalized, your plates and bowls become a real alternative to plastic for large events or for take-out meals.

Discover our compostable sets of tableware and packaging:

Eco-friendly Kraft Tableware

Direct Imex introduces its kraft-made tableware as an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional one. By all means, these items will satisfy you since they are recyclable, durable, and cost-effective. 

Made from high-density kraft paper, this set of tableware does not fall apart, crumble, or dissolve even when holding liquids or hot foods. Moreover, our items are made of safe, non-toxic disposable paper, making them environmentally friendly. Plus, these products are lightweight, oil and water-resistant, which also makes them ideal for any occasion. 

Ultimately, you can customize the design and size of this kraft-made tableware to meet your specific demands. Once customized, the tableware becomes a natural party accessory!


  • Kraft, paper


  • Home delivery packaging
  • Tableware for receptions, festive events
  • Food packaging


  • Kraft bag, kraft bowl, kraft bucket
  • Salad box, noodle box, pasta box, burger box, hot dog box, cake box, pastry and bakery boxes, snack box, pizza box
  • Triangle sandwich containers
  • Box for hot food
  • Disposable glass hot/cold
  • Cups, conical water cups
  • Food trays, food boxes, food tubs
  • Foldable boxes with inserts.


  • Lamination (PLA, rPET, …)
  • Double lamination for cold product
  • Foldable compartment to insert in box
  • Multicolor printing
  • Customizable size
  • Braided handles for bags
  • Perforated handles on bag
  • Lid (paper, PLA, rPET, …)
  • Flat lid in window, start shape


  • Minimum Order Quantity: possibility to mix the references according to needs
  • Delivery time : +/- 1 month
compostable tableware cups and bags | tasses et sacs de vaisselle compostables
multiple compstable food packaging with plant in the back | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable
2 compostable kraft round soup boxes with lid | 2 boites a soupe rondes en kraft compostables | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable
food_compostable_containers_kraft_boxes | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable
compostable food bolw on cloth | bol de nourriture compostable sur tissu
compostable burger box | boite a burger compostable

Our Certifications

OK compost austria home certificattions direct imex | food tableware compostable | packaging alimentaire
compostable bagasse food tray stack with lid | pile de plateaux repas en bagasse | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable
compostable round soup box stack bagasse | pile de boite a soupe ronde en bagasse compostable | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable
bagasse compostable food container stack with lid | pile de boite repas en bagasse compostable | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable
compostable bagasse food containers plate bowls | conteneurs alimentaires plats bols en bagasse compostable | Packaging alimentaire éco-responsable compostable
Vaisselle écologique en bagasse blanc
Eco-friendly Bagasse Tableware food | Vaisselle en bagasse éco-responsableVaisselle en bagasse éco-responsable

Eco-friendly Bagasse Tableware

As a visionary brand, Direct Imex specialize in the manufacture of plant-based compostable foodservice packaging. Known for their design, quality and performance, our compostable food tableware & packaging are perfect for showcasing your edible offerings. Not just environmentally friendly, our eco-tableware can also be customized to include your branding. 

Bagasse is a stylish eco alternative to polystyrene made from reclaimed sugarcane fiber: something that Vietnam has plenty of. After the sugarcane has been pressed for juice, the dry plant fiber residue is processed to shape the fibers into tableware. 

Firstly, the catering disposables are very resistant to high temperatures and are therefore suitable for hot to frozen foods. We make takeaway bagasse food boxes, bagasse clamshell containers (hinged), bagasse plates, and bagasse bowls; any variety of renewable plant-based catering disposables you need. 

Secondly, the tableware is sturdier than paper products, lightweight, and best of all 100% natural and ready to be composted with food waste. We’ve also found an innovative way to make our bagasse containers stackable meaning they don’t shift during the delivery process.  

Ultimately, with new government regulations and the progressive forbidding of single-use products, take advantage of recyclable, renewable, lower carbon, reclaimed materials!


  • Bagasse, paper pulp


  • Take away
  • Compostable food packaging
  • Keep foods at an adequate temperature


  • Box for hot food
  • Glass and cup
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Sandwich and hamburger box
  • Soup box
  • Noodles, pasta, bento, meal box
  • Small tray
  • Box for catering


  • Emboss
  • Print
  • Possibility to create several compartments
  • Foldable, clamshell, separate lid
  • Hinged cover

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 3.000 pcs
  • Delivery time : +/- 1 month

Eco-friendly Wooden Cutlery

Direct Imex’s eco cutlery is sleek, strong, sturdy, and perfect for hot or cold food. Made from bamboo, our wooden items are sustainably sourced, compostable and disposable.

We offer two main sets – single-use bamboo and reusable bamboo cutlery. Our reusable bamboo range is washable and designed to be reused again and again. Beautifully packaged in cloth that is rolled up and fastened with a popper, the set includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straw, and pipe cleaner. In fact, these are the perfect lunch kit must-haves and great gifts. 

Equally important: for single-use disposable cutlery, our wooden cutlery set is light and certified 100% biodegradable. The kits come with a knife, fork, spoon, napkin, salt & pepper, all safely secured in compostable wrapping.

Finally, all of our wooden cutlery sets are customizable. Choose which color, cloth and fastening, add your design and logo to the packaging.


Our straws are 100% compostable and biodegradable, and suitable for both hot and cold liquids. You can choose between bamboo or paper materials – whichever suits your product needs the best.


Our disposable cups for hot or cold beverages come in a range of different designs and sizes. Accessories include lids, stirrers, cup trays, and coffee sleeves. If there’s something you don’t see, we can design and make it for you. 

We also sell conical water cups chosen only from the most sustainable materials and which can be fully recycled.


  • Wood, bamboo, palm tree


  • Picnic with friends


  • Bee’s Wax Paper Sheets
  • Reusable cutlery, bowl, plate, cup, stirrer, straw
  • Dinner Kit
  • Lunch Kit


  • Customization and printing


  • ?
wooden cutlery set compostable | set de couverts en bois compostable
eco-friendly bamboo straws in glass | pailles bambou ecologiques dans verre
cutlery compostable | couverts compostables
LE black cup and cutleries compostable | LE gobelet noir et couverts compostables
wooden compostable bamboo cutlery set | set de couverts en bois bambou compostable
nespresso paper cup black | gobelet en papier nespresso noir