food tableware set Eco-friendly Reusable Food Packaging | set de Vaisselle écologique et réutilisable | Vaisselle écologique réutilisable

Reusable Food Tableware

All of our reusable eco-friendly food tableware are made using renewable, recycled, or reclaimed materials. And with “reduction, reuse and recycling” targets being affected by governments, you can get ahead of your competitors by ordering now.

Direct Imex manufactures an extensive range of more than 200 eco-friendly catering disposables or reusable tableware for the F&B industry.

In fact, we offer stylish yet practical options which are perfect for any catering need. Made from a variety of economical materials you get to chose how to perfectly present your F&B items. 

And did we mention that all our items are customizable? Choose shape, material, dimensions, color, pattern, add your business logo, however you envisage your design, Direct Imex can assist.

Go green and impress at your next event.

Discover our compostable sets of tableware and packaging:

Eco-friendly Tableware

Reduce the amount of disposable containers you consume and add reusable items to your inventory. 

Reusable eco-friendly food tableware are a practical solution for single-use disposables and an alternative to our disposable range that allows food services to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Thanks to our Vietnam location, Direct Imex can provide you with reusable products that not only come from the source country but are made from natural materials. 

We are proud to work with local materials and craftspeople to specialize in the production of bamboo products. Bamboo is still omnipresent in Vietnamese culture and a resource with undeniable qualities: solid, flexible, grows quickly, resistant, stabilizes soil and converting CO2. When made into bamboo tableware, it continues to lend its benefits – esthetic, resistant, lightweight, washable, reusable, and totally recyclable. 

There’s nothing to not love about our bamboo bowls which can be used for any occasion – weddings, birthdays, corporate events, personal use, gifts. Also, we guarantee the highest quality and a natural touch.


  • Bamboo, coconut, wood


  • Home delivery packaging
  • Tableware for receptions, festive events
  • Food packaging


  • Print : 1, 2, serigraphy colours, logo
  • Natural lacquer on bowl


  • Lacquered or not
  • Customization
  • Washable or not
  • Stackable


  • Minimum Order Quantity: possibility to mix the references according to needs
  • Delivery time : +/- 1 month
bamboo salad bowl reusable | Vaisselle écologique réutilisable
bamboo reusable cups | Vaisselle écologique réutilisable
coconut bowls reusable | Vaisselle écologique réutilisable
bamboo cutlery washable | couverts bambou lavables | Vaisselle écologique réutilisable
bamboo cup and straws | gobelet et pailles en bambou
reusable food tableware | Vaisselle écologique réutilisable