High-End Product Boxes | Boîtes coffrets de luxe

High-end product boxes

Our luxury boxes can be made to order from various materials. 

Material, shape, style, weight, colour, pattern, logo, fastening, inserts, wrapping; it’s possible to create a luxury box that will reflect the custom packaging you want and that your customers will love!

We can help you create any style deluxe paper or cardboard box that’s 100% personalized. Our metal or wooden boxes are even more unique as well as being the latest trend in eco-friendly packaging.

Known to be an easily recyclable and sustainable material, metal has never been a waste when used in metal packaging. Metal boxes are not prone to warping and are typically durable.

Our luxury metal boxes are made of durable tin that is well-built to withstand drops and collisions. These items are also handcrafted and fully customized for specific needs. Our items promise an everlasting impression and a great customer experience.

Taking a sustainable and eco-responsible approach, Direct Imex strive to develop luxury boxes in recyclable materials, making a positive change within ecommerce.

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Luxury brand packaging boxes

Our luxury boxes won’t just make your product or gift exceptional, they will create value, provide an everlasting impression making your brand superior, and set you apart from others. 

We can help you showcase your products in a unique box that will add glamour to your products and attract more customers. This effective way of marketing will not just provide an enticing display but will be a  source of protection and help in keeping your products safe from external damages.

Direct Imex specializes in manufacturing handcrafted, fully customized luxury packaging boxes for a variety of verticals including gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, cutlery, garments, chocolates, biscuits, confectionery, tea… Luxury gift boxes with lid, wine boxes, pillow boxes, gift card boxes, round boxes… 

Trendsetters in luxury packaging solutions, the premium-quality packaging boxes that we manufacture have design excellence and a luxury finish. And we guarantee flawless quality control, thanks to the proximity that we maintain with our factories.


  • Cardboard, brown kraft cardboard, tin, metal


  • Chocolate packaging box
  • Jewelry packaging box
  • Personalized watch box


  • Coated / uncoated / mass-dyed / FSC + PCW paper
  • Quadri-printing (CMJN) + PANTONE
  • Grammage from 130gsm to 190gsm
  • Finitions
    • MAC
    • UV varnish
    • Embossing
    • Stamping
  • Closing system
    • Ribbon
    • Magnet
    • Rivet
    • Paper notch


  • Minimum Order Quatity: 1.000 pcs
  • Delivery time : +/- 1 month
Anna luxury clamshell box with cord | coffret a clapet luxe Anna avec fermeture corde | Boîtes coffrets de luxe
gold pink clamshell luxury box | coffret luxe rose et or a clapet | Boîtes coffrets de luxe
Bordelle luxury drawer box | Bordelle boite luxe a tiroir | Boîtes coffrets de luxe
ruby pink black luxury box | boite rose et noire luxe Ruby
metal luxury cookies boxes | boites a gateau en metal luxe
pink with brown bow luxury box | boîte de luxe rose avec noeud marron
black luxury box with pink text | boîte de luxe noire avec texte rose