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Food Packaging

custom Eco-Friendly Food Packaging | Sacs eco personnalisés

We offer a huge selection of disposable food boxes, eco-friendly containers, compostable tableware, and takeout food packages. Whether you’re a restaurant, fast food, or grocery outlet, Direct Imex will adapt to your needs.

Luxury Packaging

Custom luxury packaging is our speciality. To showcase your premium products, Direct Imex can produce luxury paper bags and gift boxes with any bespoke design.

Éco-Responsables | luxury paper packaging bags and boxes | sacs boites coffrets en papier luxe

Custom Bags

compostable food packaging bags containers cutleries | Vaisselle écologique

Custom Bags

Bags were the first type we developed and our first passion. As recognised experts, we can make bags from different materials: woven, non-woven, polyester, rPET, paper kraft …

Accessories, Goodies

Direct Imex understands the importance of brand loyalty. Order promotional items to raise brand awareness among customers and employees. We offer a range of highly customizable items at competitive prices: wrist bands, keyrings, pens, mugs, water bottles, umbrellas, and much more.

Éco-Responsables | promotional items packaging bags bottle | objets promotionnels sacs bouteille


textile personnal shirt sweatshirt | sweat-shirt chemise personnelle en textile


We make elegant and professional custom textiles to maximise your branding. Polo shirts, t-shirts, bottle holders, baseball caps, towels, slippers, straps, and so much more. 

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