Permaculture as a permanent solution?


A Permanent solution…


In our previous article we analyzed the basic principles of permaculture and the positive ethical implications of this agricultural ecosystem. When this social design principle is applied in an agricultural setting the main benefit that can be identified is a significant emphasis being placed on care for the earth and life on it. As we move forward into a more eco-focused generation that recognizes the importance of respecting our environment, permaculture provides a permanent solution for those who care about the earth, but who also want to push forward their agricultural ambition.

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New trends for eco friendly and reusable bags today ?

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 Eco friendly and reusable bags 

Nowadays habits have changed in France ! Weekly shopping is more and more done in order to fulfill eco friendly and green objectives. The Bio label is mostly present unlike plastic bags which are disappearing. In fact, the plastic bags we used to find on the shops are now prohibited by a new French law. You must have your own reusable bag or you have to buy one, this is about a new lifestyle imposed in all shops. It used to be a small detail to pack our purchases but it has become a contemporary challenge thanks to a general awareness about the earth impact both in the short and in the long term.

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