Tarpaulins and Nets for Agriculture

Discover below our range of PE tarpaulins and sunshade nets to protect your plantations. This equipment is intended for professionals in the building, agricultural and industrial sectors as well as private individuals.

Woven Agriculture Tarpaulins



The uses are infinite. Widely used in construction, agriculture and industry, tarpaulins are also suitable for private individuals. Indeed, whether it is for camping or in your garden, they will be useful and efficient. The tarpaulins we offer you have many options. Indeed, add eyelets by choosing their spacing, choose the colour and thickness and have them treated against UV rays to optimize protection. From a professional point of view, the opportunities are also endless: protection of building sites, equipment, the ground during work, and much more. Ultra-lightweight and durable, they fold and stow away very easily.

The protective tarpaulins with eyelets that we offer here are made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) and then laminated. The benefits and possible uses are endless. These PE tarpaulins have a very high resistance (which you can increase or decrease) and are tear proof. The application of UV treatment (in the options) further increases their longevity. They will perfectly protect your work or materials from the elements. They are easy to fix thanks to the eyelets around them. These high-strength tarpaulins are waterproof and mould-resistant, so they provide optimum protection against dust, accidental damage, such as snow and rain.

Agricultural Shade Nets



Discover here our range of agricultural shade nets. They are made from polyethylene and polypropylene and UV stabilized. These nets are used in agriculture to protect crops from the elements. A treatment which aims to reduce the strength of UV rays is applied in order to protect your plantations as well as possible. They also prevent crops from freezing or drying out. In addition, these agricultural safety nets allow your greenhouse to be better ventilated and reduce the thermal amplitude between inside and outside, especially in winter. Greenhouse shade nets are practical and easy to handle, thanks to their flexibility and light weight, which also allows them to be stored without taking up too much space.

GSM : according to your needs
LOGO : according to your needs
COLOR : according to your needs
MOQ : 1/2 containers
DELIVERY : 1 month
PAYMENT : 30% at start and 70% at the end
UV treatment