Big Bags - FIBC


BigBags are also knew as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are flexible containers that can be used to help you transport and store industrial and agri-food products, taking advantage of the large storage capacity of BigBags, and benefit from all the advantages offered by these flexible resistant containers in your projects.

big-bag-ventilated-FIBC-wood-green-waste-Bulk bag-double-coves

Our BigBags are made of woven polypropylene, making them very resistant. This bag can lift up to 1000 times its weight and is the ally of your industrial and agricultural operations. With the ability to adapt Big Bags to chemical and food standards, transporting heavy loads is no longer a constraint, regardless of the type of container you want to store, transport or package.

big-bag-construction-FIBC-sand-PP-woven-Bulk bag-resistant

Manufactured according to the needs of your business, you will be able to choose the characteristics of your BigBags: size and type of handles, number of lifting points, weight, UV treatment, maximum load weight, personalized design. Optimize your waste management with a practical and economical packaging solution. DirectImex will put its expertise at your service in order to best answer your request.

 big-bag-jumbo-sand-construction-food-procesing-UV treatment-industrial-packing

Our range of BigBags covers different professional sectors with different requirements: asbestos processing for industry, transport of gravel and building materials for companies in the construction sector, collection and transport of green waste, food storage. Don't hesitate to contact DirectImex for your Big Bag orders! We will answer you as soon as possible with a competitive quotation.


IMPRESSION : toutes les couleurs
EPAISSEUR :120 GSM minimum
COUTURES : simples, doubles...
LOGO : CMYK impression
MOQ : 250 pcs
LIVRAISON : +/- 1 mois
PAIEMENT: 30% & 70% à la fin
ECHANTILLON : Disponible
Traitement anti-UV