Industrial and Agricultural Packaging

We, at Direct Imex, will guide you and will put all our expertise to help you chosing your industrial or agricultural packaging. So we can help you for professional needs of tarpaulins, sunshade nets, agro PP bags or FIBC big bags. Every bag or packaging has its utility: food transportation, materials storage and transportation, waste collection, green waste storage and many more. In addition to the bags we propose you, we also have agricultural material like sunshade nets or tarpaulins.

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Big Bags

These very solid bags are used for transportation or storage of industrial/construction materials (rubble, sand, etc...) and food (potatoes, onions, green waste, fruits, etc...). They can keep up heavy loads easily. You can customize these flexible containers, made of PP and PE with lamination, so they can answer the best to your or your customer needs. You can choose between thickness, quantity, size, printing, and many other options.

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PP Industrial and Agricultural Bags

These bags made of polypropylene are very apreciated for industrial packaging to store nuts and bolts for example, and for food packing too such as potatoes or onions. This is because they can keep up very heavy weight. You can also add an anti-UV option to protect the most your food loads. Entirely customizable, this bag is very useful and is very cheap.

polypropylene-agricultural packaging-bag-storage-bulk-items-vegetables-fruits-transportation-conservation-protection

tarpaulin-protection-waterproof-dustproof-foldable-light-construction-agriculture-camping-garden-agricultural packaging

Tarpaulins and Sunshade Nets

Tarpaulins can be used in multiple areas, for different use, but they always offer a very good protection. Resistant, waterproof and light, tarpaulin are generally used to protect buildings or loads (wood pile, industrial materials). Also, sunshade nets allow your plants to serenely grow, in security because they are protected from the sun rays. Of course, you can customize both and choose between many options.

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