Are you looking for a packaging supplier? Direct Imex is the specialist in the manufacture and distribution of reusable and custom bags and packaging.

Based in Vietnam since 2015, we provide all types of packaging based on your demands. No matter what industry or custom packaging you’re seeking, you’ll find the right solution at Direct Imex.


  • Packaging solutions for every industry
  • High-quality packaging at wholesale prices
  • Custom bags for your brand, printed with your company logo or designs
  • Prompt Delivery

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We understand that packaging is an important way of communication between your product and your company. We are happy to listen to your demand and work with you closely to ensure you will get your ideal packaging at the best prices.

In 2017, Direct Imex have developed a new material for packaging which is an eco-friendly material and reusable at a competitive price. We hope to contribute a greener approach to life.
With us, you can stay eco-friendly, stylish, and save more money in the long run.

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7 Nov 2018

A new threat for the planet : Jair Bolsonaro's dangerous environmental program

As Jair Bolsonaro became the new president of Brazil on Sunday 28th October, fears are growing especially regarding the protection of the environment under his presidency. The international community -except some other countries run by climate sceptic- as well as many Brazilian people fear that it will at least harm a lot (and at worst destroy) the environment in Brazil and all around the world. His new presidency may endanger even more global balance by making climate change accelerating above the 1,5°C limit set by the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report. Let’s take a closer look at what he plans and what it could mean for Brazilian and global environment.     Firstly, regarding Brazil ecosystems and…
A new threat for the planet : Jair Bolsonaro's dangerous environmental program
The straw collection : focus on local initiative to protect the environment
24 Oct 2018

The straw collection : focus on local initiative to protect the environment

As you may have seen on our Facebook (click here) or Instagram page (click here) , we took part in a plastic straw collection two weeks ago, organized by Zero Waste Saigon and at the benefit of the artist Benjamin Von Wong, whose work aims at raising awareness about plastic pollution. We wanted to find out more about it, so we interviewed Klara, who works at Zero Waste Saigon. Let’s learn more about this operation and the company!    Who took the initiative of organizing the collect? The artist or Zero Waste staff? The founders of Zero Waste Saigon took the initiative of contacting the artist because they knew about his work and liked it very much. Then Benjamin…
9 Oct 2018

The green carpet award 2018 : focus on sustainable fashion

As the green carpet award were held three weeks ago in La Scala in Milan to close the fashion week, let’s look back and learn more about sustainable fashion.   First, this event -the green carpet award- is brand new, since its first edition was held in 2017! It was partly organized by the founder of Eco-Age (Eco-Age is a specialist in sustainability and communications consultancy), Livia Fifth, to encourage and internationally recognize sustainable fashion. She benefited from the help of many well-known high-fashion houses, such as Valentino, Prada or Gucci, who were really committed to this event and disclosed their emerging green labels to raise awareness about sustainable fashion. It also aims at rehabilitating ancestral craftmanship, such as cobblery,…
The green carpet award 2018 : focus on sustainable fashion