Isothermal Bags 2 in 1

  • cool-bag-2-in-1-classic-shopping-bag-with-isothermal-compartment-in-the-bag

This shopping bag is a classical bag to accompany you to supermarket. Instead of take 2 shopping bags (1 classical and 1 isotherme), you should take this 2n1 bag. Indeed, it have the particularity to have a compartment to preserve fresh and frozen food. With this bag you will go to supermarket with one 2in1 practice bag. This bag in really solid due to his material : polypropylene woven. The zip fastening who is closing the cool bag permit to preserve perfectly your food during shopping. The isothermal compartment is adapable in function of quantity because you can spread it easily.

 Technical Data cool bag 2 in 1

Material PP woven 1 layer + isotherme 3 layers (PP + PE + PP)
lenght (mm) 510
Gusset (mm) 230
Weight (mm) 400
MOQ 2000 sacs
Production time 8-12 weeks
Thickness 120 gr/m²
Lamination Brillant ou Mate
Construction U pipping around gusset
Poignées  Black Nylon / 35*470mm
Colors As you want

Classical Cool Bag

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Here is an other product where we are competitive : this single bags permit an optimal conservation for your fresh and frozen food. With a big storage capacity, this cool bag will be perfect to do your shopping. Easy utilisation with a top openning with a zip fastening for more protection. This parallelepiped cool bag is really practice to go to picnic because it permits to perserve your meet. This cool bag convince all our client : don't waste time and do not hesitated to order your bags directly on our website

Technical Data simple cool bag

Material PP woven + isotherme 3 layers (PP + PE + PP)  with Aluminium
Lenght (mm) 430
Gusset (mm) 300
Weight (mm) 300
MOQ 2000 bags
Production Time 8-12 weeks
Thickness 120 gr/m2
Lamination Glossy or Mate
Construction Pipping around Gusset
Handles Black Nylon / 30*530mm
Colors As you need