Custom Reusable Bags


Direct Imex proposes you a complete range of reusable and custom shopping bags.

Create a promotional bag just like your brand and have access to a very large choice of customization, with competitive prices. You need to promote your brand or business ? We will help you with the conception of the bag and we will take charge of manufacturing, with quality check during the production. Take advantage of our expertise in conception and production of reusable grocery bags.

From the classic PP woven bag you can sell to your customers, to the polyester bag, passing by PP non woven bags, all with many options, Direct Imex can help you to chose the best bag you need for your shop or grocery. Discover our range of custom reusable bags below.


PP Non Woven

This plastic bag will allow you to choose the well designed for your communication campaigns: shopping bag, grocery bag, backpack, and even t-shirt bag. Of course, you can customize it as you want/need.



PP Woven

This bag is THE perfect cheap reusable and customizable bag for the promotion of your shop, brand or grocery store. Choose between thickness, finishing touches, closure system, etc... Have your logo and/or your pattern printed on it.



rPET Bag

A reusable, recycled and sustainable bag: created with plastic bottles, these bags are a real alternative to the PP ones. Ecological and economical, this bag is available in the size you decide, with or without lamination, and you can customize it. Feel free to ask a quotation and help our planet by being part of the circular economy, by including plastic waste in production processes.



Polyester Bag

Very well-known for its suppleness and elegance, this polyester bag can be perfect to give to your customers. Solid but light, you can put it in your pocket and go shopping without taking up too much space. Use it as a purse, or as a backpack, and of course customize it as you want.



Cotton Bag

Cotton bags, well-known as tote bags have become these last years very popular and on the trend. They are now a true ecological alternative: reusable, washable and ultra resistant, print your visual to transform it into the last trendy fashion bag. And of course, these promotional bags can be customized. 


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Trolley Bag

This bag is the one you have dreamed of in your craziest dreams: equiped with little wheels, just pull it behind you while doing your shopping. This bag is a patented innovation, and is not settled in western markets yet. So be a precursor, print your logo/visual on it, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.



Multi-Function Bag

This bag has multiple roles to play in your life: it will be your useful friend for picnics (you can unfold it to transform it into a blanket), to protect your trunk, or even to carry large items. Thanks to the push buttons, you can even assemble some together. Available in many colors and size, add your customized printing and logo to push your brand forward.



Cool Bag

Discover here 2 innovating cool bags: photo on the left, this 2-in-1 bag looks like a normal shopping bag, but has an isotherm compartment; photo on the right, beautiful and useful, this cooler bag is perfect to go for a picnic. Print your logo and visual to promote your brand everywhere.