What alternative to plastic?

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In 2014, the yearly production of plastics rose at 311 million of tons, and the forecasts reach 933 million of tons by 2050. For the past decades, China has imported most wastes from the EU and the US to recycle them. But since the beginning of November, China decided to stop most of these imports in order to treat their own wastes first. The current problem is that no other country/economic zone has the appropriate structures to welcome as many wastes, particularly plastics. In addition to overcrowded dumpsites, many countries are throwing away their wastes in the oceans, what led to the formation of an eighth continent, made of plastic wastes.

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Non recycling hazardous wastes treatment

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Waste treatment 


In our last article from November 13th, we dealt with industrial/citizen initiatives incorporating wastes in production processes. This time, we will discuss about hazardous waste, that we can’t use in production. In France in 2015, 6.8 million tons of hazardous wastes have been treated, a 4.5% increase compared to 2014. Between scandal and lobby, hazardous waste management is a complex question, creating conflicts with associations, companies and politicians. In fact, all the non-recyclable wastes are useless when they are consumed. What are the solution to transform and make it useful ?

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Salvage & recycling of wastes: next gold rush?

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Next Gold rush


According to Antoine Frerot, CEO of VEOLIA, wastes will be the gold mines of the 21st century. Indeed, the future lies in the salvage and use of our wastes. The explanation is simple: on one hand, we drain our natural resources in order to respond to our needs, and on the other hand, these needs ceaselessly increase. From then on, the solution is to find alternatives to modify our economy in a circular model. Moreover, recycling our wastes would cost 6 to 25% less than burying (most used technic). The development of this activity would bring out many jobs. Still according to Antoine Frerot, a classic manufacture of plastic bottles (made from petrol products) would emit 70% more than a manufacture made from recycling.

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What future for our plastic wastes ?

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What Future ? 


Eight billion tons of plastic are thrown in the oceans every year, the equivalent of a dump truck every minute. When the plastic splits up, it creates microparticles, and they are so many that the scientists talk about a seventh continent (if you are interested, we wrote an article on this topic here). These huge quantities of plastic wastes start drawing the public opinion’s attention.

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Reusable bags, the new “must have” !

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sacs reutilisables

Reusable bags


Waste recycling, reusable bags regulations, political movements, petitions, protest marches for the environment, driving electric cars or buying eco-friendly bulbs tend to change our habits, our behavior. In fact it is about supporting the sustainable development everyday. It becomes a more and more famous subject for the press, the companies and different kind of organisations.

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Shopping bags: new fashion trends for 2017 ?

shopping bag- ikea-

Shopping bags


What do you think about this new Balenciaga bag? Do you see this suppleness of leather, the ability to make you able to take all of your belongings with you in town or on vacation, or this pretty blue to match elegantly with your spring outfits? All these features are the ones of the new bag from Balenciaga for the next season.However, internauts are laughing, guess why? Look, here is another version of this bag, same style, same flexibility, same color, these big bags are differentiated only by their material and … their prices.

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New hopes for Planet Earth ?

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plastic plastiques pollution

New hopes


Summer and holidays are coming ! Imagine yourself resting on the beach, under the sun and when you decide to go swimming, you dive head first into the sea but when you open your eyes you see a sea of ​​wastes with packaging and disposable plastic bags. I just shattered that dream, right? However, you should not see things like this but rather as a call for mobilization. It is about an urgent need to act in order to clean up the planet to have better living conditions today and in the future.

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Let’s fight together against disposable plastic bags’ pollution disaster !

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enjeu sociétal des sacs plastiques

Pollution from disposable plastic bags


Nowadays, pollution in the air, the water, soils, sustainable development, plastic waste including plastic bags are current stakes for the societies. People are feeling more and more upset by all of this information, press, governments and many organizations are often talking about it, repeating the same things again and again.

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