Packages are everywhere. As soon as one buys something, there is one or few packages. Direct Imex widens its product range and now proposes packages: polyethylene plastic bags – also known as zip bags -, slider bags. Of course, you can customize all the new packages proposed as you wish. Many companies are concerned about lowering the amount of packages, in order to reduce plastic waste, but most of them remain essential.  Indeed, even if paper or carton can replace it, it is very useful and mainly cheapest. The more resistant your bag is, the more it is reusable; this is ecological and affordable.

Here are the various packages we propose:




Our Zip Bags


What is a packaging ?


Packages are used for presentation – called packaging – transportation and also conservation; the packaging is a real marketing tool too. The client needs the package to buy a product. There are three main types of packaging:

  1. Primary: the final package of the product, that one can be found in selling point, directly for the consumer.
  2. Secondary: most of the time it is carton, allowing to supply selling points, sizes corresponding to submultiples of palettes focusing on optimization.
  3. Tertiary: nothing more and nothing less than a grouping of secondary packaging on boxes or palettes, often film packaged.

The package history is very old, prehistoric men used to build some in order to transport water and the animals they hunted. Of course, it evolved; nowadays primary packaging is a powerful marketing tool allowing to boost sells, promote the product and cause impulsive buying.


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