Zip Bags

Polyethylene pouch, also called « zip bags » are the best packages for food or small parts leading astray. Hermetic, these polyethylene bags can be opened and closed very easily as much as you want. It assures to your product a very efficient protection.

These packaging bags convinced many of our customers because it is very useful and you have as much personalization options as you need: white stripes where you can write on it to index your materials, impression of your logo or even insert a slider giving you more protection.

Moreover, in order to respect French new law against single-use plastic bags, our bags can have a thickness over 50 microns. So these are reusable. It is a real ecological step, because there have been too much plastic waste over the past.

Available in every size and every color, this sachet looks perfect to store your bulk products. Every harware store use these to avoid losing the smallest pieces.

PRINTING: all colors are available
PRINTING: your logo
THICKNESS: from 14 microns
LOGO: Recyclability
MOQ: 100 minimum
DELIVERY TIME : +/- 1 month
SAMPLE PRICE: From 50$ to 100$
PAYMENT TERMS: 30% & 70% at the end
Hanging or/and ventilation hole
White stripes


Options and Finitions

If you have a very specific demand about your zip bags, do not hesitate to contact us! We can reply to every personalized demand ! We have many available options allowing you to get an ultra-personalized communication on a PP non woven bag. Here are some options we can make for you.




White stripes


Hanging or/and Ventilation hole


Polyethylene Bags

We use the low-density polyethylene to produce zip bags. Obtained with very high pression and temperature, these LDPE sachets become flexible and stretch, the material is softer and more opaque than HDPE. More upscale than the HDPE, the LDPE seems to be the perfect alternative for your plastic pouches.

What is the difference between HDPE & LDPE? By its definition, a high-density package will be more resisting than a low-density one. However, micron rating is important when you buy a bag: a 50 microns HDPE bag equals a 100 microns LDPE. In conclusion, if you want upscale, you have to choose a high micron rate in LDPE.

Considering the importance of the planet protection, which is a worldwide issue, you can contribute to the improvement of everyone consuming standards, by choosing our fully recyclable bags.