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Firstly, PE bags are used for many sort of packaging. Even if it is not the most ecological alternative to support the sustainable development, people still often use HDPE and LDPE bags. Resistant and waterproof, HDPE bags are a main piece of the packaging products range. Then, LDPE tee shirt bags are famous for their more enjoyable touch and their more aesthetically pleasing appearance. In fact, we can often find these bags in our supermarket as grocery bags or in fruits and vegetables markets for packaging.

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On the other hand, HDPE plastic bags are often stigmatized and seen as a pet peeve whereas the material can be collected and recycled. In addition, in France, for example we can talk about reusable bags beyond 50microns. These shopping bags often have a very good resistance to make them reusable.To fulfill the regulations in Europe for example, these shopping tee shirt bags are made with a thickness up to 50microns to ensure the sustainability. Generally, the authorities allow PE bags; there are only regulations to avoid excessive plastic pollution worldwide.

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HDPE and LDPE bags attract more people than most of the basic shopping bags (tee shirt bags) due to their cheap prices! By this way, those high quality and economical PE bags often appear as a suitable compromise. So, it is the perfect combination: you don’t have to spend too much money to purchase HDPE and LDPE products. What else than a resistant PE bag with lower price? In fact, it is a real advantage for the storekeepers who distribute plastic tee shirt bags because they don’t always ask the client to pay for it.

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PRINTING: all colors are available
THICKNESS: Minimum 50microns
HANDLES: Simple or double
LOGO: CMYK printing
MOQ: 250 000 pcs
DELIVERY TIME : +/- 1 month
PAYMENT: 30% and 70% at the end
T shirt handles
Die cut handles

  Options et Finitions


Do you have a particular request about your PE bags? Feel free to ask us ! We are able to make the tailor-made bag you expect! We are specialized in every sizes of die cut bags, t shirt bags or simply bags without handles like garbage bags.

t shirt bag ok biobased ok compost

T-shirt handles

poignée ok biobased ok compost

Die cut handles

Granular appearance



Polyethylene is one of the most famous polymers. It is a sort of plastic used to produce objects of our daily life such as shopping bags, plastic bottles or even toys. This material is well known also for its cheap price. By this way, people often use PE for different achievements. HDPE and LDPE are a type of polymer used to produce plastic shopping bags and especially grocery bags.

On the other hand, plastic bags are a current burden for our societies and bio based materials tend to replace more and more the plastic but HDPE keep going! Obviously it is not the greenest habit to use this material. However if you can reuse it, there is no need to buy or to produce other bag so it can be a different way to become eco-friendly. In addition, you must be aware that HDPE and LDPE can be collected and recycled. This fact denounces that we can support the sustainable development in different ways.