Adhesive Closure Bags


Customised adhesive bags !

Adhesive closure bag is a packaging type which protects your clothes or food. These packages are convenient and efficient; these are adaptable to every size and printings and they will make your daily life easier.

Of course, you can customized and add options you want for your packaging: air inlets, hanging holes and even the adhesive tape rigidity. We can satisfy you demand, with the best prices of the market.

PRINTING: All colors
THICKNESS: 100 GSM minimum
MOQ: 100 kg/ref
DELIVERY: +/- 1 month
PAYMENT: 30% & 70% at the end
Customized printing
White stripes
Hanging holes


Options and Finitions


You have a particular demand about your promotional bags? Do not hesitate to tell us, we are able to make the tailor-made bag you expect! We have many possible options which provide you to make any personalized communication with your cotton bags.
Here's a list of some options we can offer you.


Hanging hole


Customize adhesive stripe


White stripes


Packages made of polypropylene ?

Well yes! Nowadays, many companies are looking for reusable packages because of the current consumption trend. Indeed, environmental protection and the planet protection are major issues in order to keep being competitive. Its low fabrication costs and its various technical characteristics made it present everywhere, in every stores. Its packaging assures a natural promotion in the years thanks to its wide range of personalization and its durability.