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These bags are made from polypropylene woven non-laminated. They are useful, resistant and rot-proof. They resist to friction, fall and can’t be broken thanks to its solid and tightened weaving. You can use these PP agro bags to store your agricultural products (grains, apples, potatoes, hay, straw, wheat, grass, leaves, wood chips…). Please know that these bags are suitable to contain food.


These polypropylene agro bags are made for professionals so they have a solid bag helping them to collect and store heavy waste. Moreover, as soon as the bags are full, you can easily close them thanks to the little strings on the top. In order to guarantee a maximal solidity, the bottom is sewed. The maximum storage capacity is 20 kg (44 lbs), and can reach far more. Feel free to tell us your needs, so we can give you the best advice, thanks to our expertise and our presence in Vietnam.

Our range of PP Agro Bags



These polypropylene bags we propose you are made for professionals of construction  and agricultural sectors. They are the perfect substitute of jute bags, and they are used in the food industry to store farming products (fertilizers, grains, vegetables, fruits...) and in manufacturing to store nuts and bolts for example. Thus, these bags in polypropylene woven laminated are perfect to collect and transport green and agricultural waste, rubble and foodstuff.


Choose between the numerous options available. Among other things, you can ask for a anti-UV treatment if you want your agro bag to protect contents from the sun rays. Your products will be very well protected. You can also add a hem at the top for a better closure. Choose the color of your choice, and if you want to print your logo on it or not. Determine presence and size of handles or even gutter.


IMPRESSION : 1, 2, 3, ou 4 couleurs
EPAISSEUR : 40 GSM minimum
COUTURES : simples ou doubles
LOGO : CMYK impression
MOQ : 50k
LIVRAISON : +/- 1 mois
PAIEMENT: 30% & 70% à la fin
ECHANTILLONS : disponible
Traitement anti-UV
Simple ou double relais
Trou d'aération ...