Plastic Films


Plastic films that we propose are big rolls, allowing you to protect and secure your pallets during the shipment or even the storage. Indeed, these films are ultra stretch, highly resistant and protect your pallets against humidity, dust, rain and the natural deterioration of your loads. The elasticity empower the strenght of the plastic when it is rolled around your pallets.


Pallet Films

You can use these plastic films to secure and protect you pallets. You just have to roll it around, and it naturally tightens. It can be useful for transportation, but it can help you to store your pallets, thanks to the different colors. The more opaque is your film, the more your products are protected from the light. The films are tearproof and resistant thanks to several layers.


Other use

Our plastic films are used to protect your furnitures, materials or others. It is the same principle than pallets, but you can protect random objects: no needs to put it on pallet. Moreover you can customize as you want: choose the color, the size and the thickness of your film. You can even print your logo on it. Made with low-density polyethylene (LDPE/LLDPE), our plastic films are watertight and highly strong.


You can customise your plastic films as you want. Indeed, you can decide about the length and the width, so that it can be compatible with the size of your machine or pallets. Besides, like all our products, you choose your thickness in microns. You can choose the color too, in order to help you with your stocks. The level opacity permits to protect more or less your pallets from light. You can also ask for a special anti-dust plastic.

PRINTING: colors
THICKNESS: you decide
MOQ: 2 tons / reference
DELIVERY: 45 days
PAYMENT: 40% and 60% at the end