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Reusable shopping bags

We offer you a large range of reusable shopping bags and carrier bags, from the simple retail shopping bag to the personalized promotional bag. Whatever your request is, we can produce the eco bag you want. Furthermore, Direct Imex follows an environmentally friendly approach by offering you a range of recyclable and reusable bags made with recycled polypropylene or plastic.

Here’s a list of non-exhaustive bags we can produce:


Reusable bags ?


Directimex is specialized in reusable shopping bags. We collaborate closely with one of the biggest manufacturers of wholesale shopping bags in Vietnam with a production capacity of 15 million of bags each month. Our strong partnership with production unit enables you to benefit from factory prices while enjoying a manufacturing follow-up and improved quality control.

When you work with Direct Imex, you are ensuring complete satisfaction in your orders. Our factory respects ISO 9001 norms and holds the BSCI agreement (Business Social Compliance Initiative) which provides a respectful management of ILO conventions. We are able to ensure you the impeccable quality of our custom shopping bags and the fairest price with on-time delivery.

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15 Nov 2017


According to Antoine Frerot, CEO of VEOLIA, wastes will be the gold mines of the 21st century. Indeed, the future lies in the salvage and use of our wastes. The explanation is simple: on one hand, we drain our natural resources in order to respond to our needs, and on the other hand, these needs ceaselessly increase. From then on, the solution is to find alternatives to modify our economy in a circular model. Moreover, recycling our wastes would cost 6 to 25% less than burying (most used technic). The development of this activity would bring out many jobs. Still according to Antoine Frerot, a classic manufacture of plastic bottles (made from petrol products) would emit 70% more than a…
What future for our plastic wastes ?
12 Oct 2017

What future for our plastic wastes ?

Eight billion tons of plastic are thrown in the oceans every year, the equivalent of a dump truck every minute. When the plastic splits up, it creates microparticles, and they are so many that the scientists talk about a seventh continent (if you are interested, we wrote an article on this topic here). These huge quantities of plastic wastes start drawing the public opinion’s attention. Indeed, following the Ocean Cleanup initiative, many projects start growing to reduce the oceans pollution. At the age of 18th, Boyan Slat has been known through a TED conference, where he presented the problem from a different angle. To treat the issue, he proposed a new way to pick up the wastes, and he has been…
14 Jul 2017

Have you ever heard about rPET ?

Obviously, you  must be aware that tons of dechets are rejected every year due to our lifestyle and our consumption. Recycled or often thrown directly on the environment, these wastes are mostly plastics. Between 5 and 13 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean every year and ingested by birds, fish and different types of organisms. According to a case study(Ellen MacArthur), by 2050, the ocean should contain more plastic than fish in terms of weight... One of the solutions to meet the needs of populations overseas while respecting our environment is recycling. Recycling is seen as a key action lever to control our ecological footprint and reduce waste for next years. It this way, the zero waste trend…
Have you ever heard about rPET ?