Our range of Paper Bags


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paper bag, reusable paper bag, luxury paper bag, promotional bag, pink paper bag, with handles

Paper bags and sacks become more and more attractive nowadays. They are definitely more chic and useful than basic grocery plastic bags. These shopping bags are also produced to promote brand image or various king of advertising. Paper bags can be personalized with different kind of handles, colors, printing. 

Direct Imex offers you a large range of paper bags. We can produce the bag you're looking for: looking for small, medium or large bags, with a special form adapted to your product or a particular printing for a promotional campaign ? Direct Imex is able to create the bag you need! There are durable bags.

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paper bags, natural bags, eco friendly bags, foldable bags, luxury paper bags, reusable shopping bags, personalised paper bag

paper bags, natural bags, eco friendly bags, foldable bags, green bags, reusable shopping bags


PRINTING: all colors are available
PAPER WEIGHT: from 80g to 250g
HANDLE: Simple or double
LOGO: CMYK Printing
MOQ: ask for a quotation
DELIVERY TIME: +/- 1month
PAYMENT TERMS: 30% & 70% at the end
SAMPLE PRICE: Between 50$ and 100$
Type of handle
Gloss or matte lamination


Options and Finitions


Do you have a particular demand about your promotional bags? Do not hesitate to tell us, we are able to make the tailor-made bag you expect! We have many possible options which provide you to make any personalized communication with your paper bags. With Direct Imex, you can choose every details, from handles (wire, PP, twisted paper, silk tape, die cut and pipe) to printings (embossing for a relief aspect, stamping, printing on handle, total or partial printing).
Here's a list of some options we can offer you.


fermeture éclair, fermeture sac

Type of handle

Bande agrippante velcro

Gloss or matte lamination

Bouton poussoir



Paper bags

The paper bag is today the most common alternative to the disposable plastic bag. Currently present in the fashion industry (shoes’ bags, clothes’ bags) and many wine and spirituous shop (bags for specific bottles), personalized paper bags are unique with a more elegant aspect and an easier promotion than plastic bags due to their multiple possibilyties of printings.

More than, the paper bag can be transformed into an original promotional bag. Paper bags are more easily degradable than disposable plastic bags and are also easily recyclable for citizens thanks to the waste management in more and more cities in the world.

Its rigid aspect allows for a conception of bags of any forms, any thickness and for any kind of products. From bottle’s bags to shoes’ bags to kraft bags for fruits and vegetables, our paper bags will be adapted to your demand.