Our range of Cotton Bags

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According to new regulations, disposable plastic bags tend to disappear. In this way, they are more and more replaced by reusable bags and especially by cotton bags.

These cotton bags are reusable, washable but also very resistant. In fact, they are the best companion for shopping but also, more generally for the daily basics.

Cotton bags are also well known as tote bags. These reusable and sustainable bags have already been adopted by a large majority and they have become a new trend: it is the new must have! In fact, these cotton bags are customizable to give everyone the chance to find the one they want.

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Direct Imex offers you a large range of cotton bags. These bags are reusable, washable and recyclable, contrary to HDPE bags.

cotton bags, natural bags, eco friendly bags, foldable bags, green bags, reusable shopping bags


PRINTING: all colors are available
THICKNESS: Minimum 100 GSM
HANDLE: Simple or double
LOGO : CMYK Printing
MOQ: 5000 bags
DELIVERY TIME: 1+/- month
PAYMENT TERM: 30% & 70% at the end
Hook-and-loop fastener
Push button
Type of handle


Options and Finishes


Do you have a particular demand about your promotional bags? Do not hesitate to tell us, we are able to make the tailor-made bag you expect! We have many possible options which provide you to make any personalized communication with your cotton bags.
Here's a list of some options we can offer you.

fermeture éclair


Bande agrippante velcro

Hook-and-loop fastener

Bouton poussoir

Push button


Cotton Bags

Cotton is a natural vegetal fibre, mainly used in the conception of clothing. Its quality depends on the length of its filaments: the longer it is the more quality it has. The main characteristics of cotton are its absorption capacity, its touch and its aestheticism.

The cotton canvas bag is a very effective communication tool. Cotton bags are indeed very fashion nowadays: they are customizable and ecologic in the same time. matière cotonThey became essential promotional and advertising bags. It enables a company to communicate about its brand image and its products in order to develop customer loyalty and obtain new clients or collaborations.

Moreover, customized cotton bags are eco-responsible and can be a significant asset in conventions, representative committees or in meetings.

The tote bag or more commonly cloth bag come back strongly since the 2000’s. This lightweight and resistant bag was used in the past due to its practicality. The tote bag has indeed became a fashion accessory for more than fifteen years. Cheap and customizable, cotton bag became the ecologic advertising object to have. Thanks to its success with both women and men, it can have different forms and shapes, long or short handles, with or without shoulder strap.

Their design will give you a strong visibility with a durable, ecologic and natural aspect. Promotional cotton bags will be your marketing communication at lower costs.