Biobased Bags


Biobased bags are becoming more and more famous today. New regulations are put into force in order to support sustainable development stakes. All the non reusable bags are targeted by this new regulation. In fact, from now, only compostable bags and composed by bio based materials are allowed, regarding to the norm EN 13432 about packaging and the wastes generated. In fact, people are realizing that there is an urgent need to re adapt the plastic bags consumption because of all waste and pollution generated every day.

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Composition of our Biobased Bags

In this way, our company offers you 100% biodegradable bags that match with the general expectations around the world and more especially with the norm ISO 14855-2. In order to comply with these guidelines, Direct imex’s biodegradable tee shirt bags are certified biobased thanks to their traceable composition of 30% starch of tapioca (corn equivalent) and 8% of complementary natural agents. This biodegradable bag contains PE which means it cannot be compostable.

Regarding the “compostable bags”, they are made from starch (60%), natural complementary agents (8%) and from poly acetate (degradable polymer). These bags do not contain PE and are accepted in a lot of countries with their high percentage of starch. Our compostable tee shirt bags are certified EN 13432. Thanks to our direct relationship with our suppliers, we can ensure the respect of standards and the quality control of the process.

PRINTING: all colors are available
THICKNESS: from 15 to 70 microns
HANDLES: simple or double
LOGO: CMYK printing
MOQ: 3000 kg
DELIVERY TIME: +/- 1 month
PAYMENT TERMS: 30% and 70% at the end
T shirt handles
Die cut handles



Do you have a particular demand about your biobased bags? Do not hesitate to tell us, we are able to make the tailor-made bag you expect! We are specialized in every possible sizes of die cut bags, t shirt bags or simply bags without handles like garbage bags.

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T shirt handles

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Die cut handles


  Biobased bags

Since the beginning of the 2000’s, searchers and politicians are more and more concerned by the protection of environment and the fight against global warning and pollution. Some important researches have been made to find alternative in several sectors, including the shopping bag. Developed in the same period, the biobased bag has been made to compete with the classic disposable bag.

Made with renewable sources, this vegetable bag presents the same physical characteristics of the traditional shopping bag. For this reason, many governments preconise an ecological transition with this food-safe plastic bag (butcher, fishmonger, baker's, fruits and vegetable or greengrocer).

Misleading information: A bio-based bag isn’t necessarily a biodegradable bag! This characterisation depends on the product used during its conception. Concerned by the environment, Direct Imex is able to offer you a whole range of ecological bags which are both biodegradable bags and compostable bags. Indeed, all our bio-based bags are made of starch.