Ecological & Eco-friendly bags


Biobased Bags

Our range of bio-sourced eco-friendly bags allows us to comply with the new legislation concerning the prohibition of plastic bags of less than 50 microns. These eco-friendly bags are durable and fully customizable, so take the advantage of an environmentally friendly bag at the best price.



Paper Bags

Paper bags have known for several years now a strong interest due to their aesthetic and ecological properties as well as their strong personalization potential. Easy to print and very strong, these bags will allow you to adopt an approach to environmental sustainability to your company and your customers. We adapt to your desires to provide you with the paper bag that suits you best.


Our range of eco-friendly bags is suitable for all companies wishing to adopt an eco friendly turn. Whether with our bio-sourced bags adapted to European ISO standards, you can choose the exact composition of the bag, whether it is biodegradable or compostable. In addition, the possibility of associating your company's logo with it offers you the opportunity to increase your reputation with your customers, while keeping an eco-responsible approach.

Paper bags are also fully customizable, choose between Kraft paper or luxury paper. Decide on the colour, size and design of the handles and add your logo/slogan to the design of the bag. You will then enjoy a quality bag, ideal to represent your sign in the eyes of everyone.


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