Sourcing & Consulting


Based on our expertise in the field of packaging and shopping bags, we can assist you in your sourcing and consulting, design and import of promotional items (personalized textiles, promotional items...) Our relationship of trust established over several years with our partner factories in Vietnam and our expertise will simplify the task in your purchasing procedures and allow you to benefit of an excellent value for money. Direct Imex has a huge factory network offering you a wide range of fully customisable bags and promotional items.


Importing products from Asia can sometimes seem tricky: we are your reference in bags and packaging on which you can rely. Our knowledge of the Vietnamese market, its specificities and its players will give you a competitive advantage in themanagement and follow-up of your orders. Direct Imex offers you a customized service of expertise and advice in order torealize your projects in bags and personalized packaging. This tailor-made service is based on personalised follow-up, rapid response & flexibility in your requests.

Service Sourcing


"Our sourcing packaging strategy is based on transparency and quality"

Factory Introduction

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Factory Selection

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-Social & Environmental Compliance-


Service Consulting


"Our packaging consulting strategy is based on performance and customer satisfaction"


-Technical advice-

-Personalized diagnostic-


Personalized Follow Up

-Sending samples-

-Production monitoring-

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Project validation

- Manufacturing process validation-

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The Major assets of Direct IMEX

Direct Imex is one of Vietnam's leading manufacturers and distributors of bags and packaging. We develop, produce and customize the printing of our bags and packaging for all uses: convenience, food, pharmaceutical, luxury trade... Direct Imex manufactures a wide variety of recycled plastic bags and packaging and industrial and food packaging. 

Direct Imex adopts an environmental and ecological position by developing a range of innovative bags and 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging. Our quality bags, made of zero-waste recycled material, accompany our ecological recycling procedures with the protection of the environment and the use of recycled manufacturing residues.

We offer a wide range of recycled shoulder bags and carrier bags, ranging from simple shopping bags to customized advertising bags, production adapts to your needs and demands in bags and packaging for professionals.Our factories make the reusable bag of your choice with access to a minimum of  1000 pieces for bags with standard format.