Audit and quality control

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of packaging and shopping bags, Direct imex offers you a tailor-made audit service. We adapt ourselves to your directives, while keeping our expertise in factory audit and product quality inspection/control. Our quality control process is designed to collect as much information as possible and provide you a personalized audit report. Ensuring the quality and safety of your supply chain and products is our commitment.

Why use our audit/quality control service ?

Better purchasing process; efficient, safe;




« Using our Factories and Quality Control Audit service, will  assured you a reliable supplies and products that match with your expectations".

Christophe Giraud, Co-founder of Direct Imex

Factory Audit Service


Choosing your supplier is an important step in ensuring a reliable and quality supply. Thus, the Imex Direct Factory Audit service provide you the means to evaluate a supplier's overall performance. Compliance with international labours standards and certifications, global technical qualification of the supplier, export experience and ability to meet deadlines...everything is evaluated.

Thus, our Audit department provides you a solid basis of trust with a supplier to move forward with your projects.

Product quality control service


The quality of your products is paramount: we are able to ensure this with our quality control service. We comply with the requirements of your specifications, in order to applied as you wish. Production monitoring is carried out as soon as the raw material is received and continues throughout the production chain. In addition, samples are carefully studied and corrected if certain elements do not match with your expectations.

Finally, the final stage is the one before shipment, our teams ensure quality packaging for your goods, and guarantee optimal transport conditions.


Rates for product inspections and factory audits


Independent product control
From 250$
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Independent control Factory
From 700$
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