Trolley Bags

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Here is an other innovation willing to answer better to your needs in plastic bags: a plastic bag with wheels, the dreamed bag to go shopping without carrying anything. Indeed, you just have to pull it, and it will roll, like a trolley. With the velcro closing on the top, you can put it away easily by rolling up. Thanks to another velcro, the bag is hold rolled up. There is a single size, however you can customize the color and/or the logo you want. This bag, still rare in Europe, will make you a precursor: Discover the trolley bag.

Trolley Bag Technical Data

Material PP woven with lamination
Width (mm) 340
Gusset (mm) 170
Height (mm) 640
MOQ 1000 bags
Production time 8-12 weeks
Thickness 160 gr/m2
Lamination Glossy
Construction Piping around gusset
Handles Black nylon / 30*950 mm
Colors As you want


Why chosing the trolley bag ?


ORIGINS : Initially, these trolley bags are innovative products. Indeed, they are invented here in Vietnam, by one of our supplier. Rather than separate the shopping bag and the trolley, the trolley bag has the advantages of the two.

EASY TO CARRY : as explained before, the trolley bag is a melt between a normal shopping bag and a trolley. Despite all that, it keeps the advantages of both: the trolley bag can be folded, so it takes the less space possible, contrary to a classic trolley, most of the time made with a solid structure.


LARGE CAPACITY : The trolley bag has a way bigger capacity than a classic shopping bag. It allows you to carry heavy items because you can make it roll, what reduce the effort and is more enjoyable. The bag even have nets on the sides, where you can put bottles or anything else, so it does not spill over your bag.


REUSABLE : The aim of this bag is to propose you a reusable bag, what is respectful of the environment. Indeed, You probably know that most of the time, everyone forgets their shopping bags when they go shopping. Thanks to this trolley bag, you will feel a lack when you forget it, because it will become  must-have.


HIGH SOLIDITY : This bag is made with polypropylene woven with lamination, what give its natural solidity. Indeed, you can carry many items knowing that your bag will handle. This bag is well and truly reusable infinitely, only for our customers. That do to planet so much good: a trolley bought, 1000 disposable plastic bags consumed.


CERTIFIED QUALITY : Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we are as closely as possible to our suppliers. Moreover, our geographical proximity allow us to control the production. Thanks to this relation with our suppliers, we can check if the quality and the delays are respected.


ATTRACTIVE PRICES : our proximity with the factories give us the best prices on the market. All our suppliers have been selected in order to give you the best prices and quality.

Become a precursor by importing this product in your country. Indeed, not many companies have this kind of bags in Europe. It is now time for you to be differentiated with these innovative trolley bags. You get it, Direct Imex take care about everything in order to satisfy your needs from the command to the delivery, including quality controls, all that with competitive prices. Feel free to contact us directly on our website thanks to the contact form below.