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Tailor-made rPET bags

rPET bags are one of the most ecological alternatives to replace HDPE bags and more generally disposable plastic bags. According to the new regulations about the sustainable development, these bags are durable. In fact, they come from recycled disposable plastic bottles. It gives a second life to plastic! In addition, theses bags are reusable and they are as resistant and useful as polypropylene bags. They are also water proof and can be personalized according to your tastes or your needs.

Direct Imex is able to create the rPET bags you are looking for. Whatever the size or the type of bag you want, printable on a side or on all of them with different pictures, you choose, and we handle everything else for you!

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PRINTING: all colors are available
THICKNESS: Minimum 120 GSM
HANDLE: Simple or double
LOGO: CMYK Printing
MOQ: 20.000
DELIVERY TIME: +/- 1 month
PAYMENT TERMS: 30% & 70% at the end
SAMPLES: from 50$ to 100$
Hook-and-loop fastener
Push button
Type of handle

Options and Finishes

Do you have a particular demand about your promotional bags? Do not hesitate to tell us, we are able to make the tailor-made bag you expect! We have many possible options which provide you to make any personalized communication with your rPET bags.
Here is a list of some options we can offer you.



hoop and loop

Hook-and-loop fastener

push button

Push button

rPET Bags


The polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as “PET” is an economic material, easily recyclable without loss of attribute. rPETrecycling bottles, recycle plastic bags, reusable bag bags, or recycled PET bags, are mainly produced from recycled plastic. To obtain this name, they must therefore be composed of 80% of recycled material, mostly resulting from plastic bottles.

Furthermore, the small weight of rPET, its solidity and its durability make it an ecologic and high-quality bag at low cost. Having indeed a good loading  and resistance capacity, this ecologic bag can convey a brand image over time. To make it stronger, it is possible to laminate this recycled bag with BOPP film, which gives to the bag more impermeability and more solidity.

This personalized plastic bag represents therefore a high-quality and durable marketing asset for every company. Its technical and ecologic specificities will satisfy all consumers.