Our range of Polyester Bags


Polyester bags are famous due to their aspect more sophisticated and their suppleness. As shopping bag, grocery bag or promotional bag, this reusable bag is known for its watertightness, lightness and especially for its resistance. These sustainable bags are also very useful they are foldable !

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Our flexibility ensures us to meet your requests by offering you tailor-made products in order to create the bag of your choice. We fit to your requirements providing you with the customized bag you need. This is the perfect bag for your store.

Tailor-made Polyester Bags!

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PRINTING: all colors are available
THICKNESS: 190, 210, 600 denier
HANDLE: Simple or double
LOGO: CMYK 4 colors
MOQ: 10.000
DELIVERY TIME: +/- 1 month
PAYMENT TERM: 30% & 70% at the end
Bags closures
Hook-and-loop fastener
Push button

Options and Finishes


Do you have a particular demand about your promotional bags? Do not hesitate to tell us, we are able to make the tailor-made bag you expect! We have many possible options which provide you to make any personalized communication with your polyester bag.
Here's a list of some options we can propose you.

fermeture eclair, zip

Bags closures

fermeture agrippante velcro

Hook-and-loop fastener

bouton poussoir pression

Push button

Polyester bags

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Polyester plastic is totally made from natural oil or gas. Nowadays essential in the textile industry, it represents about 70% of synthetic fibre used in this sector. Furthermore, the production of polyester bags has a low impact on the environment: its fabrication requires indeed little amounts of water and temperature. Moreover, this recyclable bag is reusable many times and can support a heavy load. Then polyester is easily modular and can create every kind of solid bags.

Its large flexibility makes it a reusable shopping bag that can be readily stored in pockets or in purses. The material and the structure of this customizable plastic bag make therefore possible the production of a promotional and fashion bag easily transportable at low price.

Polyester bags are perfect to promote and project a brand image or a message for your company. These polyester bags are indeed very appreciated by the general public.