Multi-function Bags

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Here is a very innovative bag: these multi-function bags are perfect to come with you during your outings. The zip closure system on the side of the bag, added to the push-button guarantee a maximum solidity. But there is something else: these bags can be opened to be used as a picnic blanket, or as a protection for your trunk. You just have to unfold the bag using the zip and the push-button, and there it is. Moreover, you can adjust the size of the blanket thanks to the push buttons. Here is the best way to combine the pleasant and the useful nice and easy.

Multi-function Bag technical sheet

Material PP woven with lamination
Tote bag mode (mm) 500 x 280 x 360
Mat mode (mm) 1000 x 800 
MOQ 1000 bags
Thickness 120g/m²
Lamination Matte / Glossy
 Construction Adjustable
Handle Black Nylon / 35 x 500 (mm)
Color As you want
Delivery lead time 1000 pcs: 6 weeks / 15000 pcs: 16 weeks

Why choose a Multi-function Bag ?

PICNIC BAG: this is the main principle about this multi-function bag, what insired its creator. Indeed, it is easily unfoldable, and it becomes from then on your perfect companion for your outside meals. No need to think about taking with you a blanket and a basket meal: just take the bag with you. Put your meal in the bag, place the bag where you want to eat. Take off the push buttons and the zip: here you have your picnic blanket with your meal on it. Moreover, the bag is easily whashable with water only, no risk to dirty your nice blanket. when you are done, just close the zip fastening and the push buttons: your blanket becomes a bag agin, in which you can put your dirty dishes, plates and cutlery. Once you get back home, just rinse it with water.

SHOPPING BAG: Bring this bag for shopping. Indeed, the zip fastenings strenghtened with the push buttons offer you the best solidity to carry your shopping. The positive point is when you go home, no need to pick one by one your shopping, just open your bag, so you can access easily and take directly your food.

EXTENSIBLE BLANKET: If the tablecloth reveals to be too small, just take an other bag like this and put it together thanks to the push-buttons. This way, you have a custom-sized blanket. Possibilities are endless, and you can enjoy your picnic with as many people as you want.  The bag will make friendlier picnics.

PROTECTION: Use your bag to protect your trunk for instance. What is more irritating than get your trunk dirty because of mud or dog hairs for. Just take the bag, remove the push-buttons and zip fastenings, and spread it into your trunk. Even if the bag is dirty, he protected your car, and you can wash it just by cleaning it with a sponge or water.

HEAVY ITEMS TRANSPORTATION: You need to carry a box, or something else, but the bag seems too small. Just flatten the bag to make it flat, put the spine on the middle of the bag, take the handles, and here it is. You can now take unadapted sized items in your bag.


Why choose us ?

Being based in Vietnam, we benefit from a chosen intermediary with our suppliers and they know we are very strict concerning the quality. That insures you to take advantage of the best prices, while knowing the quality will be respected from start to finish.

Furthermore, we offer these bags in a real desire of being more respectful of the environment. We are going further than the reuse of plastic bags, because we multiply the possibilities of use. This way, it can easily replace the classic shopping bag, and the picnic ones. Its practicality, its sturdiness and its nice-looking aspect will convince you.