The green carpet award 2018 : focus on sustainable fashion

green carpet fashion award Milan FW La Scala 2018 sustainable fashion

As the green carpet award were held three weeks ago in La Scala in Milan to close the fashion week, let’s look back and learn more about sustainable fashion.


First, this event -the green carpet award- is brand new, since its first edition was held in 2017! It was partly organized by the founder of Eco-Age (Eco-Age is a specialist in sustainability and communications consultancy), Livia Fifth, to encourage and internationally recognize sustainable fashion. She benefited from the help of many well-known high-fashion houses, such as Valentino, Prada or Gucci, who were really committed to this event and disclosed their emerging green labels to raise awareness about sustainable fashion. It also aims at rehabilitating ancestral craftmanship, such as cobblery, which Italia is full of.
In a nutshell, one could say that beyond giving award, the goal really is to point fashion in the right path and initiate a real transition. To understand better the values and traditional approach this Green Carpet Award is about, let’s look closer to three of the winners of this year: The cobblers of Ferragamo for the art of craftsmanship award; Suzy Menkes (International Editor for 21 international editions of Vogue online) for the visionary award; and Donatella Versace (artistic director for the Versace house) for the CNMI (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, ie National Chamber of Italian Fashion) in recognition for sustainability award.


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The road to sustainable fashion

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It is high time the fashion industry shifts to a greener and more sustainable approach.


As Paris fashion week is coming to an end and the fashion week season is almost over, one should turn back and look at what can be remembered in the area of sustainable and green fashion. The answer is actually not in Paris, but in Helsinki (20th – 25th July 2018, founded and organized by Evelyn Mora, a 26 years old entrepreneur) and -more famously- in Milan (18th – 24th September 2018). The fashion industry represents a challenge for the environment: fast fashion, polluting raw materials or bad production methods can really damage it, not to mention the waste it can represent or the danger for people working on such factories. This is all reasons why one has to find an alternative. But most importantly, the fashion weeks begin to raise awareness about environmental issues and challenges ahead of them, that is a major step to help people mobilize and being involve in protecting the environment and pushing for a more sustainable fashion development.

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Shopping bags: new fashion trends for 2017 ?

shopping bag- ikea-

Shopping bags


What do you think about this new Balenciaga bag? Do you see this suppleness of leather, the ability to make you able to take all of your belongings with you in town or on vacation, or this pretty blue to match elegantly with your spring outfits? All these features are the ones of the new bag from Balenciaga for the next season.However, internauts are laughing, guess why? Look, here is another version of this bag, same style, same flexibility, same color, these big bags are differentiated only by their material and … their prices.

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