A new threat for the planet : Jair Bolsonaro’s dangerous environmental program

As Jair Bolsonaro became the new president of Brazil on Sunday 28th October, fears are growing especially regarding the protection of the environment under his presidency. The international community -except some other countries run by climate sceptic- as well as many Brazilian people fear that it will at least harm a lot (and at worst destroy) the environment in Brazil and all around the world. His new presidency may endanger even more global balance by making climate change accelerating above the 1,5°C limit set by the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report. Let’s take a closer look at what he plans and what it could mean for Brazilian and global environment.


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Innovations in organic waste treatment: Methanization

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Méthanisation, Déchets organique, compost, sacs compostables

What is Methanization ?


In order to bounce back on our two previous articles on permaculture, let us remain in this perspective of optimizing our ecosystem in order to reduce our ecological footprint. Thus, we will see in this new article the concept of Methanization. Methanization is a biological process of organic waste treatment leading to a combined production of gas convertible into energy (biogas) and a digestate usable as compost. Methanization appeared at the end of the 17th century, in 1776 with the discovery of methane by Alessandro Volta. This Italian scientist identifies the existence of “carbonated hydrogen gas” in the gas bubbles emitted by rotting vases. This is how he highlighted the flammable aspect of “marsh gas”, demonstrating the high methane content resulting from the decomposition of organic plant waste from swamps.

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Permaculture as a permanent solution?


A Permanent solution…


In our previous article we analyzed the basic principles of permaculture and the positive ethical implications of this agricultural ecosystem. When this social design principle is applied in an agricultural setting the main benefit that can be identified is a significant emphasis being placed on care for the earth and life on it. As we move forward into a more eco-focused generation that recognizes the importance of respecting our environment, permaculture provides a permanent solution for those who care about the earth, but who also want to push forward their agricultural ambition.

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What is permaculture?

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Permaculture (a word made of  “culture” and “permanent”) is a sustainable way of farming, consisting in designing sustainable and efficient systems. This philosophy, stamped with strong ethical code is becoming more well-known because it is being used more and more in agriculture. You can apply the concept to a larger scale (private life, in our society…). The philosophy made up of three ethical values which are the pillars: care about humans and earth, and redistribution of benefits.

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